How we help our private clients

Set out below are examples of the types of private clients we deal with and their ‘drivers’ or concerns. You will see that the focus is on individuals and their families. This is because, even where business advice is also needed, our main driver is the needs of individuals and their families. No matter how significant the business/farm enterprise, they exist to serve their owners.

After all; growing, managing, protecting and passing on assets is what it’s all about.

Jane is a 35-year old solicitor moving to Dublin from Manchester. She is married and her husband will remain in UK. Jane is UK domiciled and will likely become Irish tax resident, though she may also retain UK tax residency. Jane’s parents have signalled that they wish to gift UK property to her. Jane wants to know the impact of the move on her tax residency and domicile; she is also wondering if any Irish tax issues could arise on the gift of UK property.

Declan is a 52-year old Irish entrepreneur in the fintech industry, looking at an exit within a three to 5-year timeframe. He is unmarried with a long-term partner, and children aged 12 and 15 years old. Declan wants tax efficiency on exit and advice in relation to inheritances by his children in the ‘worse-case scenario’ of both parents’ sudden death. This is of particular concern to him as his father died of heart disease at the age of 49.

As an investor with property in Ireland, the UK and Hungary, along with investments in various share portfolios and funds, Brian wants to ensure that his tax returns and liabilities are fully paid up-to-date in all jurisdictions where he has obligations. He needs an adviser to prepare Irish returns and to liaise with foreign tax advisers to co-ordinate preparation and payment for all tax returns.

Dolores and Pat are the 68-year old parents of 4 adult children, who have 10 grandchildren. They are concerned about the protection and division of family assets, which include a thriving third-generation business in which two of the children work, a farm in which none of the children have shown any interest, various business and personal properties, shares and cash.

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